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What's up everyone? How's everyones units going? Our annual inspection is this Thursday...we are doing a lot of last minute stuff, and by we, I mean myself. This week I've made a brand new slideshow, burned our music to a CD, printed inventory sheets, corrected all cadets folders and files, cleaned the supply room, got our pictures taken, went to Wal Mart and got them developed, printed the schdules, and so much.

Very stressful. Anyone else had their inspection yet? How'd it go?

My staff picture for this year is in the picture cut, check it out if you want to.
I'm a C/LTJG. My job is administration aka everything.
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Hey, dude. :) I'm from Arizona, and we had our inspection in October. It was an off-site inspection, so it wasn't MAJOR MAJOR, but it was a big deal. We did okay, actually, and I'm surprised. I was supply last year, and I know how it feels to crunch at the last minute to get the things done, especially if you don't have help from others. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. ;)